Core Concepts


Blue Network will progressively decentralize over time with the goal of being trustless, immutable, and fully decentralized.

Initially, Blue Network will operate under the discretion of the core team. Over time, Blue Network will progressively decentralize at which point the below items can be considered in scope for governance:

  • Whitelisted Permissioned Pools
  • Whitelisted Safe Tokens
  • Supported Credential Issuers

Whitelisted Permissioned Pools

Users can submit a Permissioned Pool Proposal (PPP) to create new Safe Token Pools. Permissioned Pools can contain any whitelisted Safe Tokens. These new liquidity pools can be on any DeFi protocol, on any EVM chain that supports the ERC20 Standard.

Whitelisted Safe Tokens

Users can submit a Safe Token Proposal (STP) to create new Safe Tokens. Any ERC20 or ERC777 token is eligible to become a Safe Token. This is possible because Safe Tokens are backwards compatible with the major token standards.

Supported Credential Issuers

Safe Tokens can theoretically recognize any on-chain credential from any Credential Issuer (verifiable credentials, NT-NFTs, etc). Safe Tokens have a powerful design feature that enables the integration of credential issuers without disrupting the market's outstanding liquidity. This means that Safe Tokens can remain compliant with new regulations even as they are introduced.